Open Windows. .. . and Freezing weather.. .

It's been a crazy .couple of days.
I've been without power. ..
i'm currently at my parent's house: thieving heat, hot water, electricity and all other amenities.

I've had so many websites open, in "save" .. .bookmark mode..
the rainbow wheel started to make a daily appearance.
It's late, so i'll only share a few.

this all seems a bit frivolous after what i "survived" .. . but even more reason to spend a few moments resting upon it momentarily.

this song

.. . clearly not originally from Love Actually .. . 
you know that scene
but that's where it got to me

so much good stuff
Love this post back from September 

.head on over. 


it's my new obssession. 
and YES. it is a problem 

this is one of .my favorites to stalk.

click to LINK 

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