No, I'm good!

Last year, I had a student in my class with special needs. A boy who _ when he grows up will be very limited in his career options. He was though, one of the sweetest, gentlest boys around. I don't remember him ever becoming frustrated with his work, or being angry.

On Monday, I saw him [now a fifth grader] in the hallway, coming up the stairwell with a friend. Had his lunch on one of those cardboard trays. You know the ones, that bend when you look at them funny. Well, up the ten steps he came and with every step, one thing fell off that silly little lunch tray of his.

First, it was the straw. Which he bent to pick up. As he did, I watched as his sandwich almost fell off. He stood back up and off went the chocolate milk. Up, he picked it. and continued walking up the rest of the flight of stairs, where i finally met him face to face.

"Are you alright? Do you need any help?" Without even the slightest hint of frustration in his voice, he responded.
"No, I'm good."

As I passed him, I was embarrassed at myself, because in my own mind, I was muttering for him. @@!?@?!@!? How very frustrating that whole scene was. But, apparently not for him. He didn't seem bothered in the least.

I wish I was like that. Instead of being frustrated that that stupid copier in the teacher's room is STILL not working... just not caring at all, "No, I'm good.." Oh ANOTHER red ligHt!?! "No, I'm Good!

I'm sure though, I saw that for a reason. In fact, I know I saw that for a reason.

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