'Little Mossy Guy' from Etsy:

so i'm stuck in my apartment. tomorrow's a snow day. already got the call. not entirely "stuck", i guess_ i am planning a snowdate out in my front lawn tomorrow. With me, myself, and three layers of clothes. Kinda feel guilty, not enjoying all of the snow that we have received of late. I'll go make a snow angel. Maybe two, I don't want it to be lonesome.

i'm feeling "stuck" or rather quarantined, because of a situation that has forced me to take leave from my Facebook community. Is it kinda like that phrase, you don't know what you got til it's gone?... Not quite, i know.

But i've realized a few things 1. how much time I waste on there.
2. how much i miss silly banter with my friends 3. i miss chattin' with my sister. 4. how angry and a bit fearful i am at the ridiculous stranger "stalker" who has led to this predicament. 5. how much i want to just log back on... . I realize i am ranting now. all to say that being "stuck" inside without the ability to electronically communicate with people in the outside world sucks. Why not just pick up the phone, right?.. I know you're thinking that. . so am I.

below are snapshots of inspiration i have found the last few days. These have distracted and inspired me to continue living a snow angel life, without Facebook.. . and maybe even make a snowman tomorrow.


looks like a picture out of my dream book ... . seriously.
visit, i promise you will be happy you did Dandelion Ranch

just heavenly: another one from ffffound.com

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  1. Love Jackson Pollack--he was so inspiring, sad story of a life but great art. That little app is popular on the web but doesn't do his work justice, just sayin'. :) I noted you found the Rusted Chain blog--isn't Beki fun? Her Friday Fingerprint posts are a good thing!