Did you ask your parents?

So one of my students today after admitting to not completing his homework, had this awful story to share.. You're going to need to grab and love on your kids after hearing this.
Prepare yourself.

I asked him why his homework was incomplete. His response was that it had confused him. Very likely, as it was word problems... working backwards word problems. [I always tell my students, they could go out on the street with problems like these and stump adults. They like that!]

After hearing he was confused, I questioned him:: "Did you ask your parents for help?"

"Well, I tried to ask my dad _ but when I asked him, he kept shushing me because he wanted to watch television. He would only talk to me during commercials."

My heart sank.. . I was hoping maybe his mom was around... but ..."Did you ask your mom then?"

"She was gone most of the night."

Go hug your kid, would you.. ?!??!!?!

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