Weekend Update

1. the most snow {all winter long} fell on Thursday night all the way through Saturday.. . Not sure what the grand totals were_ but judging by this view out of my front door it was a lOt. Luckily, the super and his posse shovel my walks and stoop. But within a few hours of them shoveling once, it had already matched the level of the walkway. It was beautiful; I will readily admit though _I'm wishin' for spring. Why just this morning, I heard the bird singing again.. They know it's time.

2. I attempted to make my favorite breakfast of my childhood. Note: the word attempted. Don't really know what my mom concocted but I adored it. It was basically an egg and toast bowl. The yoke soaked up all in chunks of buttered and crunchy toast. It was divine... but not my version. The eggs needed less time, and the toast more butter. Guess you can never hit the recipes your mom makes spot.on.. and you're not supposed to. That's part of the reason why they are so special_ cause your mom mixed that love up 'all in there.

3. I finally opened the little Valentine's cards my kids gave me. A huge pile of them. I did have a favorite though. Yes.. . [Teachers do have favorites.. .sometimes]

This one was made out to Jayden {who is curled in a big ball by my side this very instant, snorin' away} and myself. You'll never guess which little boy gave me it... Yup, from January 17th post.

4. I'm loving caviar.
Does that make me a snot?
I just came from this beautiful restaurant called East: Japanese & Asian Fusion. Had the Electric Shock roll _"Spicy salmon and tempura flakes inside. Variety of colors of caviar on the outside." I took a snapshot but the camera built into my phone doesn't do it justice. [click on over to twitter to see] Not only was it a work of art, but my mouth is watering now as I think about it. For sure will be back there, probably later this week.


  1. recipe adaptations for mom's favorite breakfast:

    1. slightly burn the toast
    2. undercook the eggs - more like 2 minutes or 2.5
    3. heavily butter toast
    4. heavy on salt and cracked pepper

    sounds like we have another challenge!

  2. i'm up for it.!!! Seems easy_ but just wait. It's not possibly to recreate this... She couldn't even remember... Wait _ that's not surprising, right?? Hope she reads this. "Girls..." ;)