To the Door Delivery

Today was one of those days.
The kind you want to pull the cover up over your head, before you even fully open your eyes.
.. . One of those days.

I knew I couldn't stay in bed - as much as I may have wanted to. At least for another hour or two. But no. I was not in the mood to seek out an adventure. And I knew if I set off on a hike, I, very possibly, may end up at that fork in the road in a puddle of my own tears.
So, I decided as beautiful a day it was, today was an inside day.
Still, half in my pajamas, I scurried about the apartment, clearing piles of bills, dusting [which is usually unheard of] and organizing the tower of shoeboxes in my closet.

At one point, I came downstairs, and as I quickly passed by the kitchen window something caught my eye. Not just one - but two baby deer - about three feet away.

Never in my life have I been that close.
As I stood there, a movement from the left.. . A third???

For the next thirty minutes, I watched, as these three creatures devoured any green blade, leaf, bit of vegetation they found - moving from the back and then on to the front of my apartment complex. I could have stood there all day just watching - living vicariously in their peaceful world.

What is it? Not just deer.. All animals. There is something so captivating. People flock to zoos - and from the youngest age cry out for their parents to buy them a dog. There are entire television channels devoted to them. Why do we crave to be close to animals? Why can we not stop watching them? Right now as I write this in my notebook, my own fat cat - who at one point momentarily scared the deer away - is belly up beside me on the couch.

A few times, I made eye contact with one of the fawn. Looking into its eyes, you can't help but wonder what is going through its mind. All that ties and binds us up - the creatures that surround us _ they are beyond it. Just like the banner verse - Matthew 6 - reads. They have not a single worry.
In that, we wish we could be like them.
In the most basic sense, animals are a reflection of God. How can anyone look at the beauty of nature and doubt for even one
milli-second that God exists?
He has planted Himself in everything around us. And even on the days when I want to hide under the covers, He delivers Himself right to my doorstep.

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