garage sale chic

just Facebook 'liked' this shirt from Ruche. 
one of my favorite online shops. [not that I have ever officially purchased anything from there] .. 
my Sister has gifted me several Ruche items, luckily, but .. 
my wallet has never shopped there. 
my credit card debt will  finally be paid off in several months. 

countdown to which a real party should be planned. 
this was a serious BALANCE. 
due in part to clothes like this.. .among other things.  

but this is a topic for another time. . .. 

isn't it funny how this shirt is SOOOooooo old lady-ish... and yet i'm all over it?!? 
imagine it with a leather skirt? 
: a chunky crystal necklace - maybe, even a cute knit hat to top it all off. . 
Funny how everything old is new again. All vintage things are so attractive .. to me at least. 
I'm finding that the things my eyes cling to are actually kind of ugly themselves - until I have fun 'funking' them up.

Do you find yourself doing this? or am I alone in this search for unmatchable 'garage sale chic' items?

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