His Grander Plan

"I think about the years I spent just passing through. I'd like to take the time I lost - And give it back to You - But you just smile and take my hand. You've been there, you understand.
It's all part of His grander plan. That is coming true."
Selah_ Bless the Broken Road

What has become crystal clear over the past years is that God's Plan for my life is immeasurably better than anything that I can even dream. As many decisions as I make, plans I sketch out. He is waiting.. . He wants my all. He wants me to let go and surrender it to Him. As much as I want to control and have a timetable for my life. In the end - He is the One who knows what is the best for me. What a burden lifted! I need to stop "laboring and spinning" and surrender my dreams, my desires, my LIFE to God.

Lilies of the Field is a collection of life entries -- -
As I draw closer to God, learn more about myself and encounter what each day holds.

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