so many videos posted as of late
but this one is quite special.
watched You, Me and Dupree again tonight. can't remember how many times i've seen it.
but this caught my attention. as silly as it is. it's so very true.
we all have this in us.
some [insert name here] - ness. 
my happiness in the last couple of years has come partially because i've finally felt comfortable being MYSELF.
and not caring what others think.
not being concerned if people don't like what i say.
or what i wear or what i think.
they may very likely think i'm kooky..or as one of my besties has nicknamed me, loopy.. .
and i'm fine with that.

in fact, i quite like it.

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  1. Actually, I would recommend that you consider what I think, even if just a little bit. Don't want to get carried away with that self-comfort and all....we all need feedback. ha ha ha ha ha