if these walls could talk.. .

A little paint goes a long way. 
I've seen it transform rooms. 
making a dingy apartment feel like home... 

next weekend I'm moving. 
not a big move. 
not even a small move, really. 
I'm moving about ten feet, to the apartment next door. 
i can knock on its wall right now.
it's all about the amenities. 
with those extra feet i'm traveling_ i'm gaining a dishwasher, 
a washer and dryer and a full kitchen. 
with REAL countertops, not the square foot i'm dealing with now. 

i've painted the apartment i'm in now. and Love the colors. 
but i'm boring staying stagnant. 
i've been through every hair color, and length ... . 
why not try out different wall colors, and see what fits a new place?

it's cheap And easy. 

here are some photos, i've collected online over the past couple of months.


Clearly, these walls are white [which i can't stick with]... 
BUT it's the rooms i'm loving on. 

I saved all the pictures, so I'm missing sources.
If you recognize any as yours.. shoot me a note.


  1. I love all these photos! :) interior design is so fun and the possibilities are endless! Oh and thanks for joining my blog! :)

    House of Shoes

  2. I love that sweet kitten - what a lovely photo :)