happy woman in a rental car

my car is currently getting all prettied up after a Rt. 22 incident
where Driver A: known as Dufus collided into Driver B: known as innocent 36 year old teacher minding her own business. 

it took me 4 months to eventually get my act together and take the car in. 
Nonetheless, by Tuesday it will look brand.spanking new. 
i am currently driving around a Totoya Camry which has dangerous pick.up. 

my phone is not hooked into the Bluetooth obviously so i'm stuck listening to the radio. 
white people problems, yes.

Z.100 is what is on. 
haven't listened to that since i've was 25. 

i heard this and loved it. 
perfect song to start off the new year. 

it's been a solid start to the Year already.
Right off with the first day of 2015.

I am one happy woman. 

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