my fourth grade goals

I'm a list maker.
On any given day, if you look upon my desk at work, my dining room table or even Post-ited to my car dashboard, you will find a list of some sort.

.chores to be completed by the end of the day
.lyrics from songs
.appointments or meetings that need to scheduled, or remembered!
.things to toss in that red basket as I run in and out of CVS

Every September, I ask my students to create a brief list of goals for the year to come. What do they want to accomplish by June, and moreover_ how are they going to attain them?

It wasn't until this year that the thought occurred to me that I should be making my own list along with them. As educators, we are always told to be modeling the very behavior we are expecting of our students. So why not this _ right?
_ below is my list for the 09-10 year.

8 save money
8 write to my Bryan, my Compassion child
8 Read the Bible more
8 set my alarm earlier, get to work on time
8 be more patient with my mother, who I love endless amounts
8 make more friends
8 Show my students the unconditional love and tenderness that I have received from God
8 never stop praying.

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