Writing Workshop Theology

I found myself today during Writing Workshop asking questions that seemed more theological than anything else.

Some of my students were struggling with expanding their characters, after an in.depth lesson on internal and external character traits.

: even with use of a photo [and some funny stories] of this little guy
_ my nephew Aidan, whom they quickly fell in love with.
[also the little love nugget in the Lilies header]

Some questions followed after the lesson.."I don't know what else to write about my character. I don't know what he would do in this situation?  and my response...

"Isn't it the Creator of the character, who knows him/her the best one to figure it out?"

I, then had to step it down a notch, [teaching in a public school] before I spoke any further.
Aren't your parents .. .the ones who made you - the people who know your in.s and out.s best?
The way you act? Your TRUE motivations behind your behavior? whether it be sneaky or for the good of others? 

The lesson ended. And as a whole, the group had a concrete understanding of today's objective. Job done. But it is in moments like that when I feel as if a hand is reaching down from heaven or whispering in my ear. Messages just for me.

I found as I asked that first question a bold peace came over me _ Isn't it the Creator of all _ the Creator of little ole me who knows me the best. BEsT of anyone. the best of my family. the best of my very small group of friends. He knows my heart. He can see right into my core. my dirty, dusty corners and love me just the same.

It's funny how a simple writing task can bring me right back to where my mind should always be. thinking about my Maker.
How he knows all there is to know about me.
AND my story_
and where it's taking me next.

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