the box is Boring.

in the last couple of years, i've come to many many realizations.
had several epiphanies..
i've been busy.

something that may seem somewhat superficial
.. but, in a way is "bigger picture" is my appreciation for things that lie outside of mainstream culture.
beyond what the typical, average person likes or to which he or she is accustomed.

a somewhat silly example when i open my closet each morning:
purposely mismatching clothing
making ugly things appear pretty, desirable in the right outfit

on a daily basis, it seems this applies to everything:: :
even who my friends are.
..  who i thought they would be. who they ended up being.
and I LOVE This about my life. 

everything out of the ordinary. becomes my ordinary
I find pleasure looking beyond.
in fact, it's an activity i've asked my students to do each year.
encourage them to stretch their boundaries_
those 'DO NOT CROSS' lines start to form even as young as nine and ten.

i stumbled upon this video today
and in all of its oddities.. .
absolutely loved it.
it is a creative .vision

when something can spin my mind around and set it back upside down,
i'm grateful to have encountered it as part of my day

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