i see .You

a while ago, i watched a strange
.. . albeit memorable and unique ben affleck movie .To The Wonder
one line hung on my heart since watching it. 
i've always believed it to be true.

even on the worst days, there will always be one, sometimes barely visible- but always there.
one message reminding me that these _ our pains, our sadnesses, whatever frustrations _ are temporary.
Our hope is in Him.
without a shadow of a doubt I believe that "we were made to see [Him]." [4:55]

while at my sister's church this weekend, we worshipped with a rend collective experiment song i posted somewhere a bit ago. 

i've listened to it probably twenty times since i have returned home yesterday. 
ironic, how in these two, almost polar opposite art forms. .. 
He is ever so clearly reflected.

.Build Your Kingdom Here

  • Come set your rule and reign
  • In our hearts again
  • Increase in us we pray
  • Unveil why we're made
  • Come set our hearts ablaze with hope
  • Like wildfire in our very souls
  • Holy Spirit come invade us now
  • We are Your Church
  • We need Your power
  • In us
  • We seek Your kingdom first
  • We hunger and we thirst
  • Refuse to waste our lives
  • For You're our joy and prize
  • To see the captive hearts released
  • The hurt; the sick; the poor at peace
  • We lay down our lives for Heaven's cause
  • We are Your church
  • We pray revive
  • This Earth
  • Build Your kingdom here
  • Let the darkness fear
  • Show Your mighty hand
  • Heal our streets and land
  • Set Your church on fire
  • Win this nation back
  • Change the atmosphere
  • Build Your kingdom here
  • We pray
  • Unleash Your kingdom's power
  • Reaching the near and far
  • No force of hell can stop
  • Your beauty changing hearts
  • You made us for much more than this
  • Awake the kingdom seed in us
  • Fill us with the strength and love of Christ
  • We are Your church
  • We are the hope
  • On Earth

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