her wings

today was one of those days when i thought .. . and honestly would have started walking toward the phone _
i want to call my mom. 

i had to tell her something. 
it actually lingered in my mind and heart as real, for at least five full seconds. 
Made my heart feel full again.

My mom used to talk about life and death to my niece, Samantha.. .and compare it to the life stages of butterfly.
The insect appears dead with its chrysalis and then comes to life as an incomparable winged beauty.
our grey earthly bodies radiantly transform _ shaking death forever and living eternally with Him.

Looking back, she knew what was going to happen, and she probably knew it was going to happen sooner than any of us wanted to consciously admit. So she was preparing one of the youngest, who in so many ways was a reflection of her. even sharing a birthday.

This year, my class had the opportunity to watch this process unfold in our classroom everyday. 
On the day that the first butterflies emerged.. . 
On the day when I needed her love, a message from her.. .
As usual, my mom who can't remain quiet for long.
did this.

the framed picture of my dad, her and i from my college graduation 
on the floor

right behind my teacher's desk
just sitting there waiting to be found.
she always did have to have the last word.

.i'm glad about that now


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