she grit her teeth and loved me

My favorite holiday since my mother's passing is Easter. 
The words to the hymns make me cry big fat happy tears. 
Can't stop them. Don't want to. 

This year I was on a Delta plane  - gosh knows how high up in the sky -  as my family was at church. .. and I missed out on the celebration of Jesus's resurrection and my mom's everlasting life. She now sings in tune in the most angelic voice and not off key into her daughters' ears during church services where we would quietly giggle. 
We couldn't help it. 
No matter what age we were. 
Little girls or up until when this last photo was shot. 

This picture is from my mom's last Easter and man alive, does it make me so beyond happy. 
Smiling ear to ear. 

I can hear her when i look at it and she almost jumps off of the computer, hugging on me. 
the type of hug where she would always grit her teeth, almost to the point of breaking. 
I could hear her as she was loving me.
She couldn't contain it.

I'm basking in this photograph this spring.time. 
If I shut my eyes, I'm there. 
She's still here. in so many places. 
Four years later. 


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