the ninth month, the eighth day

Here's a snapshot. 
life as of 9.8.14


One of the many times I feel blessed to live in new jersey. 
Yes..  blessed by the Sloppy Joe.


on my Kindle
I've started carrying it in my purse.. .Now that I've started using more than just a wallet. 
It easily slips right in and i'm out the door. 

Listening to:

Wearing:: : and REwearing.

Old brown Target cargos. 
The fabric is so thin and cozy I wish I could wear them to work. 
and like every other piece of clothing i own.. . they have a small hole in them. 
Makes me feel vintage chic. 

I could paint my nails with this color : Opi - A Man in Every Port-ugal

without THIS happening. The right hand is always a beast.

Thankful for:
The 15th pay day that is appearing JUST around the corner. 
My bank account will soon be back in business. 

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