God is in the public schools

there have been so many opportunities recently to talk about God at school
.. .within certain parameters that is.
[ i'm @ a public school ] : but i try to not let that hold me back.
Yesterday a child told me "there is no God".
You know I couldn't leave THAT go!?!? ?

this young man whom I do adore, is learning Hebrew afterschool. ..
but apparently doesn't believe that God exists.
Well, he's now teaching me Hebrew on the side.
I asked if he could share with me some words to use when I pray. I'm gonna break him down... .
the Spirit works in miraculous ways we don't understand, right?

If my mom taught me anything, it was to tell people about Jesus.
anywhere. anyone. any way.
I remember hearing stories about her when she worked at my first school of employment
_where she got very close to the "edge" : separation of church and state, that is.
and now I've become her.

So when we received an email from our principal sharing this YouTube video
.. . and "OK'ing" it for the students,
I tossed them all on the reading rug and pressed play.
They loved it _ of COURSE!
We're replaying it tomorrow.
Along with a read.aloud, The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey.
One of my mom's favorites.
A story of love, redemption and restoration.

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