we're made alive in You.

Yesterday I was folding laundry.. and looking for the perfect spot for my mom's robe.. . 
Sorting through her drawers, I stumbled upon a little travel jewelry case full of her most recent fancies. 
Hidden among some old and new jewels, I found a golden locket that I recognized. Calla Lilies covering the front.
But it was the first time I had the chance to see inside of it.
Not a picture of my sister and I. nope, not her husband. not even her grandchildren.
i'm smiling typing this. it's sO my mom. ahhhhh_ i miss her so much.

but what I saw made me smile, made my heart fill with happiness. 
burst its seams with happiness.

It was a picture of Jesus. you could see the edges she must have cut out from a card or a bookmark. beard and all. 

She keeps sending me signs that she's good. Beyond good.. that she's happy. that she is healthy.

The day before she passed she told me she would be watching over me, "just like my mother did"... .
no doubt she is this very moment.

heard this today and the words spoke to me ... from her..

"we're made alive in You. we run to Your Throne. where we belong." 

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