i can't stop!?!? ?

More links for your enjoyment. 
Please pass along to your friends, neighbors. 
Heck, strangers. Why not? 
Make their day! 

An online drawing program. 
Entirely free. 
It saves your work and provides you with all the tools on the bottom of the snapshot below.  
Join! .. . NOW! 

butterfly necklace by jewelera

these giraffe taper candle holders. you must get all three. 
one would be.. oh.. so lonely.

.this painting in particular.
Bodega bay horizon 

Letter pillows from shopdirtsa
a Big shout out to my pastor .. and friend. for shooting this one my way. 

this sketched wall 

and...  . one of my favorite Portlandia skits. 

love the wall 
love birds
.love Portlandia. 

don't take yourself too seriously, right?
i can laugh pretty hard @ myself and practice doing so regularly. 

an .online. magazine
bursting with inspiration
and things belonging in my "pretty pretty gumdrop" folder 
you love that bookmark name, don't you! 
did i catch you giggling?


  1. I have a sponsor giveaway going on at my blog, I would love for you to join in!


  2. Really love those letter pillows - thanks for sharing! Also, I'm glad to see you like Portlandia, it's my new favorite show haha. LOVE the blog x

  3. The letter pillows are so cute, they remind me of scrabble pieces :)

  4. That headboard is GORGEOUS. Like, jaw dropping.