i should be sleeping, but ... trees

i've always had a fascination with trees. just ask my college roommate. 
she'll tell you some good stories about how i made her look for circles in the rainy trees. 

it's a neat trick, but i don't think she ever saw one. 
they're there. 
you just need to look carefully. 

i'll readily admit it.. . 
i'm a tree nerd. 
i love recognizing the endless types and how every leaf is so very different.
i often stare out as the branches seem to sketch pictures right before my eyes. 
and Yes.. heavenly circles DO form when lit from behind during rainy night.
i dare you to try looking for them.

this painting by Amelia Bauer was just added to my tree collection.


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  1. Kim, you must get that from your mom. When we would take our walks around Giralda Farms she would tell me the name of every tree and point out the leaves to me to show me how to tell them apart. Any knowledge I have of tree species comes from Linda! Thanks for reminding me of that memory of her!