21 windows open, waiting to be shared.

i have been waiting for my computer to show Error messages, with all the windows I've kept open the past couple of days.
All of them patiently perched at the bottom of my screen for their release date. 

Albert Einstein was one smart man.

.Book Exchange idea from Reid Girls. 
All the details HERE

wool and silk Marni coat 

:BB Dakota:
Halsey Party Dress

Blowfish Shoes for the Spring

I could spend all day here.  .. daydreaming and wishlisting my life away.

Iced Honey Mascarpone and Almond cake with fig salad

{via Gourmet Recipes}

Wiley Valentine Blog
Delicious Food inspired
 take a look @ 3.10.11 post
{click WV to find all the links to these lovely recipes above}

.wildflower bouquets. 
{via frolic!}
every different color. 
.matched by nature.
wrapped simply with plain ribbon. 
i'd take these any day over a dozen roses. 

these humorous and attractive cards by Sapling Press

This idea from @stickyJesus
"Three Words"

to READ the full article click HERE @stickyJesus.com
1. He. Turns. Tides.
2. God. Fills. Gaps.
3. His. Hands. Hold.
4. God. Is. Love.
5. Be. Still. Know.
6. God. Is. Bigger.
7. Therefore. Be. Holy.
8. He. Is. Able.
9. God. My. Portion
10. God. Whispers. Grace.
11. Fixed. On. Heaven.
12. Ransomed. By. Love.
13. God. Hears. You.
14. God. Patiently. Waits.


This is all my sister's doing
I don't know a thing about this.. .yet. 
But when I watched the video, i was intrigued. 
.a current day treasure hunt.

i'm headed to the getting started page for more details. 

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