real world 7H

clearly, she knows the dishes are the LAST thing i should be doing.
.this has become a weekly Saturday event.
it made me laugh the first time, the fifth time, and guaranteed it will the fiftieth time

[without fail, the bone will always make its way into the dishwasher. no photos on this blog are staged ;]

this on the other hand, is a daily event 
.and it does occasionally get old.

especially on Mondays, when I can barely get my lazy ass out of bed 
and she falls back on me

notice her deep sigh at 0:40 when she realizes she has been successful 
in crawling all the way up on my chest. 

what a baby.. . but i love her even the more for it.

KINDLY ignore the trashy apartment behind Tess. 
the OTHER side of my bedroom is painted and decorated nicely. 
No.. . I'm not Joking. 
Photos to be posted soon. 

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