Sweet.eats in my fridge

here are a few things in my kitchen that have given me much pleasure in the last week or so. 
all of these are either from Kings or Whole Foods. 
as a result, I've probably spent more money than I should of on all of these items.
it seems you can find them online as well .. . and probably hunt them down for better prices.

i love these Chimes candies just as much for the packaging as for the product. 
I've always been a fan of ginger chews with their powdered sugared covering and the spicy goodness inside. 
but this tin?! 
and look how the top opens?? 
you know i'm saving this for keeps.

[i have a couple of tins stashed all over - mango in my apartment, original in my car.. .]

unlike ANYTHING else. 
.you've gotta give these a try. 
Strawberry Dark Chocolate Chip is my favorite flavor. 
Although, I'm needing to give some more a taste. 
Check out the their website for the varieties.

these taste so divine. 

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