1.2.. Wait for it.. .3

my chalkboard Calendar at school makes me one happy teacher. 
can't say i used my own chalk. 
i have a special teacher friend who lends me such cool supplies. 
but how pretty, huh? 
can't wait to change it up each month. 
*my aide ever so sweetly informed me on the second day of school 
that the first day wasn't JULY 4th* 
Back to School teacher brain is BaAad! 

this made me laugh so hard today.
it's the "i'll be back" chuckle, 
arm on the table.. . part that really makes me cackle.  

these homemades were inspired by this beaut, my sister. 
Find her at The Last Bite.

just salt, pepper, olive oil.. . a quick trip in the oven and you have  -- - 


[the .Crunch will keep looping and looping til you stop it:]

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