sunday 100.6

the first ten _ of last half.. .

49.  the sound of a running bath.tub.
part of the reason is from my own childhood.
the other part  =  bathtime for my nieces and nephews.
nothin' like this little baby belly and bottom in the tub.

48. the feeling of putting chapstick on. .. or maybe it's just this one specific chapstick i've had for a bit now. the reasoning could be two.fold.

47. the center of Westfield, New Jersey. go.. you'll love it. make sure to visit The Town Book Store.

46. window waves 

45. the smell of summer rain.. those quick rainshowers when.. moments later everything has evaporated. there's a certain scent.

44. when people i love and .... who are part of my heart. . are happy

43. a good fountain Coca.Cola_ i don't do diet soda. never have. never will.

42. cans.
I've become slightly obsessed.
have them in my apartment. my classroom.
put flowers in them. wrap cute farm ribbon 'round them. each table group at school has their pencils and pens, erasers in them. quite useful they are. and free.

41. my Grand.father
we were kindred spirits of sorts. and he loved me more than anything.
he was an artist. a wise ass.
could be mean as all else, but had all the love in his heart for his family.
the whole town of madison knew him in the two months after he moved in, Big Lou _ but only 5 feet tall, loved food. Sen.Sen., cashews, and rye toast. always had his camera with him.
just thinking about him makes me cry. i miss him.

40. the beach at night. not during the day. i actually hate it during the day. i will now readily admit that i'm not a beach person. that's really not the popular opinion. but since #64. after growing into myself.. i am willing to admit this .. sun poisoning is not my favorite thing. and that seems to conveniently happen each time i head toward the beach these days. or as in Fools Rush In style, [5:12] one of my favorite movies...

"in Case you haven't noTiced, the white people are melting out here!"

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