close encounters with bambi's dad and my Father

Several times this past week, i have had close encounters with a variety of animals.. when i say close.. i'm talking within foot range. .. three squirrels came scurrying up to me one day at lunch chattering up a storm.

i walked out to my car the next day and a deer stood on my parents' front lawn _ looked right up at me, sizing me up. i, of course, began talking to 'him', until the neighbor walked up and wondered what was going on..  good stuff here..

on the way home yesterday @ nighttime .. i caught a glimpse of what looked like Bambi's father, standing on the side of the road. his antlers proud and tall. i slowed my car to a stop, making sure that all the other cars behind me realized what they were passing by.. . and to do so safely.

all these things may seem... to you, very silly. but every time i see these creatures, i stop. because in them i see Peace. i see what i don't see all around. and i guess what i don't feel in myself. i've been crazed. when i look at them, i honestly [sigh] and take a deep breath..

Every time i watch them i hear God whispering in my ear, i give you My peace.

2 Thessalonians 3:16
Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all ways
The Lord be with you all.


  1. I love deer they are so beautiful there are two new baby deer out at my grandparents farm and they are the cutest thing ever and I love that they make you think of God its beautiful

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