slow your breath down

Every year when my students return, I ask them to create a goal for the year.

Last September, I decided to join in the journey with them and created
a list of things 
I hoped to accomplish for
the 2009-2010 year.

When school started back up a week ago, I had a phrase rolling around my mind. 
I've been in the same mindset I was at the end of the year... . 
and beginning school in  September was not the easiest.

I kept thinking .. . in all areas.. 
i need to BE PRESENT.
_when i am with my students. my friends. my parents.
my mind needs to be there.
instead of thinking about the past, or the FUTURE, focusing on the NOW.

forgetting my worries for the next five years. 
not being careless  .. but. . 
enjoying the PRESENT.
or at least.. being THANKFUL for the PRESENT. 

I spent the last few weeks void of facebook, twitter, Blogger. 
These are PRESENT zappers. wasters. Killers.. . 
and to honest _ it was quite refreshing.
I may not have been entirely PRESENT every moment though...  . 
This is a 2010- 2011 goal. and it takes A LOT of practice


I'll give you more than years
Your burdens couldn't win or lose a thing

If you leave
I'll still be close to you. 

I'll take you back a thousand times again
I'll take you as my own.

I would sing you songs of innocence.
Til the rays of gold and honey
cover you.

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