the Line leader

Today, an epiphany occurred in this brain of mine.

I was dealing with adult stupidity, for which i've lost all patience. 
My patience is almost endless when it comes to the kids.. . almost.

So when it comes time to deal with adults, i expect somewhat mature 
- wait, not mature [that'd be boring] - cross that .. .
responsible behavior. 

but someone who decides they are going to give me a hard time about the safety in my home. 
wrath delivered. 

.back to this grand epiphany. 

my second graders and i we were on our way to gym. 
i sent them to the corner in the hallway, where they wait for us all to line up. 
The stragglers finally joined the line. stumbling out of the classroom with the aide at their side.  

and i started off down the hall, my mind racing.
here's what i'm going to do. 
here's what i'm going to say. 

the kids followed along dutifully, several falling out of place as if blown by the wind. 
But the first young lady in line.. . I could feel her presence beside me. 
I could see she had her shoulders back, her head held high. 
She was proud to be first.
In that moment, she was untouchable. 

Now remember - I'm still enraged about the above situation. 
The ridiculous adult with whom i've been overly patient.
Who i've asked to help keep my home safe and he has waved me aside like a bystander in my own life. 

What would I want this young girl to do?
What message would I want to be sending her? 
What would my advice be -  if she was in my place?
What role model will i choose to be in this situation? 

So when i dropped them off, I immediately came back to my room and sent off several texts relating my expectations. 
Shoulders rolled back, head held high. 
Don't mess with me. .. 
My second graders got my back. 

today's repeat. 

.my camera roll lately.

i'm embracing the holidays like i've been told by this lovely amazing woman.

pomegranate in piles. back at the grocery story. 
i've missed you. 

at target - found this cheesy, fake tree on sale. 
only $20. how can you resist? 
once it's covered in ornaments. 
i'm golden. 

my next project. found on instagram. 
who's going to help? 

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