white lights in the .young oceans

i'm in bed next to a snoring dog.
i'll admit i kinda don't mind it. 
i kind of like it.
.her breath is warming my arm
she keeps me cozy 
this girl o' mine. 

but.. . i am stuck awake. 
stupid headache. 
stupid 11:30. 
stupid excedrin. 
so here's what's happening 

with each passing day 
it's nearing Christmas. 

I'm not such a fan. 
all the stores seem to forget that Thanksgiving is next
.. . not the December holiday. 

so this [pictured to the left] 
is how i'm adjusting 

.tossing up some white lights in my bedroom. 
total ghetto style.

when December does finally roll around, I won't be so shell shocked. 
we'll see how well this works. 

colored lights in a week or so, if needed. 
but i'm thinking that's just crazy talk. 


Two reasons this hit my heart. 

1.  Love the way he describes the class. 
     .the discussion. 
     .the thoughtful back and forth. 
     .the questioning 
     .it is a snapshot into my daily life. 

2. the first This ______________ .. .watch it. 


Young Oceans
give them a .Listen

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