crushing on.. . and on.. .

i've been in collection mode. 
more so than usual. 
listings are all over my computer screen. 

#1 tiny homes from salvaged parts. You pick out the pieces. church windows. and doors. 
They assemble. Prices range from "$42,000 to $155,000 depending on size." 
:Tiny Texas Houses

 #2 © Maia Flore 2010 Sleep Elevations 

#3 found these images on a site called 'honestly wtf.com' 
very fitting, considering this first one. seriously, can you even imagine?
 a fur hammock? i don't think i would EVER get out.

{Alexander Wang shop: Soho}

#4 loving these yarn woven hair.styles. 

making me wish for my super long hair back. 
when i could knot it without any clips or bands.. . 

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