Halloumi Chili Hash

I finally stumbled upon Halloumi cheese @ Trader Joe's last week. I've been searching for it ever since I had it at my sister's. - Easily on the top ten best things i've ever eaten. and it's just plain cheese, you ask?? ? plain!? just wait til it hits your lips.

Tonight, i decided to make myself a bowl of what i now have entitled 'Halloumi Chili Hash'. The ingredients are somewhat self explanatory.. but i added a couple of extras.

* chili - i bought mine from Kings [way too sweet - note to self: next time     
   homemade needed.]
* handful of fresh baby spinach on the top
* several pan fried chunks of halloumi .. .dark and crispy goodness on all sides
* a good solid hunk of corn bread saddling the side of the bowl
   and to top it all off.. . 
* a spoonful of sour cream

 To drink. . well, an ice cold beer of course?!

*i ate it too fast to flash a picture.. . . in the meantime, make your own and send your comments this way.

I've attached another divine Halloumi recipe HERE
you WILL be addicted to this stuff, i promise.

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