'now it all seems light. years away'

it's because of my mom i love him. 
she is the reason when i hear his music, i feel as if i'm ten again.
good ole.. [but newly renovated]
Barry Manilow.

i know
I hear you chuckling. 
.see you elbowing your neighbor at the public library where you keep tabs on my blog. 
keep your comments to yourself... or..  at least the comment box below.

no one can compare. 
there will be others who try, but he is different.

my favorites as a little girl had to be 
and this one which was repeated quite frequently:  
Can't Smile without You
i can just see my  mom dancing around. 

You came along just like a song.. .. brightened my day.. . 

Who can deny those lyrics? 
They certainly make me smile now.. 

[whole track @ amazon - HERE]

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