affairs to remember

tonight it started.

affair #1
before stepping foot into a big icy snow.filled pile of report card work,
i decided to make myself dinner.

no. this wasn't it.
this was just the starter.
and boy.. . Do i recommend it!?!
Yes, you do have to buy organic carrots.
so. much sweeter. you'll thank me.

and No! "baby carrots" will certainly Not satisfy!
They taste entirely different and are so very slimy.
Only good for throwing at disobedient children during snack time.

Go treat yourself to a full bag.
Scrub them clean however many you desire for that sitting.

no peeling necessary.
Mom recommended that way.

Then .. . here's the kicker.
Ginger Miso dressing - as the dip
only need a bit.

affair #2
uncovered today between breaks. inspiration hiding at the hardware store.

How-Tuesday: Plumbing Pipe Candlesticks from Etsy on Vimeo.

affair #3
{Inspiration Board}

.this site encouraged me to head back to my closet for a 'shopping spree'.
 Have you been wearing the same 
five or six outfits over and over again 
when your closet is full

What's that about?

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