the science of my sad heart

i started reading The Other Side of Sadness this past weekend.
honestly, i look forward to cracking its spine each night. 

In the chapters I've read, I learned a lot about different bereavement studies done over the years.
What they've taught society - how they have changed our ideas of "grieving": for the better and worse.
Bonanno's writing is captivating. easy to read. almost as if he's having a conversation with you.
Most important though, this book has helped me realize i'm not alone in my struggle. 

not that i ever thought other people haven't felt my pain. I'm not that silly. 
but to read about it and to hear it firsthand.

There's something comforting to know that people are standing where you stand and in some way are standing beside you. 
and from another angle.. . make it out to the other end. 
with a new perspective. 

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