God's Handprints

today i laughed as i saw this scene:

a little girl with a cello strapped to her back,
sneaking under yellow caution tape to scribble her name in the wet cement that lay inches beyond her grasp. Almost falling in, i saw her snag at least one finger tip in the wet tablet.

smiling, i drove on.
I've always wanted to do that.
But how many times has that opportunity presented itself?
wet cement, calling out to you.. .
there all by itself, with no one watching??
rarely, i'm thinkin.

Minutes later, now blocks away, this idea bounced around in my mind.
.. .we all desire to create an imprint on the world,
: to influence.
:: to feel appreciated for our very existence.
daily this goes on. anywhere attention is found, people flock. whether it is positive or negative.

we, as christians, though are called to leave an imprint on the world for Christ. not for ourselves. we are simply_ but a mist here today then gone tomorrow. We must act as light:: and as Philippians 2:15 reminds us_ shine like stars in the universe as we hold out the Word of Life.
Our imprint should be that of the Cross, of Jesus' sacrifice. Announcing to any passersby that
:: : in Christ new life is found.

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