it's the small things.

i came home today to find two things on my stoop
::::: both of which i adore.

1: inside my mailbox slot was this.. Can you identify? My favorite store.. my favorite catalog. There are times when I receive it, i set it aside for another day.. purely just to delay the gratification. i have it waiting there for me, calling my name.

Click here: [this is what makes my heart race and my mind flutter with creativity.]

2:: I actually gasped when I saw this.. Remember now, those of us in New Jersey had two feet of snow Saturday. Look who's been hiding there all along.. .. It's a good thing I have a flash, I was scared I wouldn't be able to capture these little guys. Sooo very excited!!!?!?!?

The snow can't help but
wanna get in on the shot too.
Look at the bottom left corner.

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