hiding charles stanley

i have a file on my computer at work entitled Radio notes.
it's a never completed work. i add on to it when my students are in their specials.

twice a week I have back to back preps, which means I have a lot of time in a quiet classroom:: time to correct papers, meet with my other team of fourth grade teachers. That hour and twenty minutes usually does fly by. Halfway through, I must pick up the little guys and transfer them from gym to spanish or music to spanish on thursdays.
That tends to cut the hour or so momentum as well. After all, lots can happen in the hallway when no teacher eyes are watching.

The time though that i do get to myself on the computer, i have uncovered an internet radio site [one of the few remaining unblocked by my school district]. The voice I immediately knew as his_ and through his sermons I have come to learn that Charles Stanley is the man.

Yes, I said it. I don't know what the contemporary Christian thought is on this man. Nor, honestly do I care. Much is said of _ pat robertson, joel osteen, jerry falwell and other well-known christian ministers. I'll listen to what people have to say, but ultimately it's my responsibility as a follower of Christ to determine if this person speaks of the truth of God.
Some do and unfortunately, others don't.

I've found it true that this man. Charles Stanley. speaks truth.
mondays and thursdays sometime around 10:15-11:40 you can find me at my computer, typing parent emails or lesson plans with Mr. Stanley preaching the Truth in my classroom. I have to be careful though, not to play it too loud or ... in case a student has forgotten their spanish folder, be prepared to switch it off. that bothers me but ... . nothing I can change about public schools.

I already had a student last week find a slip of paper with this typed on it:: How to be filled with the Holy Spirit. She discovered it on her desk. As I was cutting papers and prepping for small group on Tuesday, that one scrap ended up on her tabletop. She later questioned me, if everyone in the class got one or just her... . She's a good girl _ we giggled together and I told her it must have just found her way there, it was something for church I was working on.
i'm sure she headed home and immediately told mom she was learning about the Holy Spirit the next day.

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