my mom used to buy me a wall calendar every Christmas.
you could always tell which present it was. Two skinny square packages sitting under the tree ... one for my sister, the other_ mine. Without fail, every December 25th. Except this past one. Now, I can't really complain considering I received the best present of all, this laptop I now am typing with.

The problem, though, with this missing present is quite troublesome.
Have you ever searched for a calendar in January or February??? [not good. not good at all.]

When you're shopping during the holidays there are stacks and shelves full of them, varying from cheesy baby angel ones all the way to lighthouses of the world. But it seems some poor Borders employee has the job of packing these all up once the first of January rolls around.

Nonetheless, I have been without a wall calendar in my kitchen coming on three months now. Actually, truth be told, I still have the old one up. I just picked my favorite month from last year and kept it on that.

Today, in an effort to solve this problem, I went on Daily Planner.com of which I'm a fan. But today, nothing caught my eye. On next to calendars.com.
It seems one needing a calendar would be sure to find one here.
And I'm close to a winner, I think.
Still not sure if this is the one. I'm at 50%.

As I was searching, I came across this one photo.
It looked as if it was stolen from my iPhoto library. Take a closer look at the bottom row. It's the very house I caught with my camera this past summer. Cute_ but too pink.
I much liked another.

I have been wanting to blog about this house since I arrived home last August from Martha's Vineyard. There is a little village of Gingerbread houses come to life in the CampMeeting Association. My dad explained it all to me as we drove round and round in awe at the houses. A small religious village with a worship area that it centered round. I'm forgetting the details now_but the details weren't really all that important.
This one house was.
I loved it.
The colors.
The woodwork.
But more important its name.


[res-pit] noun, verb,-pit·ed, -pit·ing.
a delay or cessation for a time, esp. of anything distressing or trying; an interval of relief: to toil without respite.

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