today was a fairytale

i had an epiphany of sorts today, as i was driving home and loving this song by taylor swift:

i'm caught in my own little fairytale world.. Nah _ not meaning everything is full of fancy, carefree and wonderful. i'm far from that. but everything that i gravitate toward seems to be fitting of a disney fairytale. I think i never grew out of that.

i'm the one at work who wears flowers in her heart.
just bought a skirt half made of tulle [an adult version of a tutu], glitter eyeshadow is almost an every other day thing. butterflies, ladybugs and white twinkle lights capture my attention in heartbeat.

and if i could get away with wearing a tiara everyday i would. not cause i think i'm a princess. not at all. just cause, well.. . it makes me feel special. is that silly?


but a little sparkle can cheer up even the dullest day.

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  1. i am loving this picture of the lights. it's sparklingly magical.