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i could spend my life at the bookstore.
cups of fancy coffee
.my laptop.
Delivery sandwiches in the aisles.
you need good food, of course?!

. ..Surrounded by Endless books.
: all at my fingertips
 i am continuously uncovering books that spark my interest 
and "basketing" them at my wishlist over on Amazon. Found this one tonight: a book of all lost and found grocery lists. 
This author stole my idea. You know how many times I have wondered about this very thing.. .. 

my imaginary bookshelves shoot to the sky. 
i don't have near enough time to read them all, unless, that is_  i actually lived at the bookstore.

i suggest you head on over and create your own wishlist. 
if not just to keep track of all your next "bookshelf reads". 

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