Forest Fires and Earlobes

I'm a fan of the game 'Would you Rather?'.
My dad introduced me to it at an early age with a question about earlobes and forest fires.
What? you ask.
Knowing my fear of all things related to blood and guts, my father liked posing this story and laughing at my answer.
It has become an ongoing family joke ever since.

Let's imagine you were in the forest .. and your ear was stapled to a tree...
[i know - when would this EVER happen? that's not the point of 'Would You Rather' games]
_and the forest was on fire.
All you had was a razor blade in your possession.
Would you cut your ear off or ... stay in the fire... and burn?

He never could understand my response and would laugh hysterically @ me.
I couldn't think of chopping off my ear.

Today at 3:15, I had a few lingering students who began giving me 'Would you Rather' scenarios.
This was the funniest one.

I won't tell you my answer til you tell me yours
Plug in your vote below.

Would you rather eat popcorn off the floor of a movie theater or a half eaten burger out of a McDonald's garbage can?
popcorn on floor of movie theater
burger out of McDonald's garbage can

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  1. and the real life story _ now documented by this film.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlhLOWTnVoQ