jesus loves shopping carts

Cart - The Film from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

[forgive me, if you seen this video on here before - this is a Lilies repeat] Well worth it though.. . 

I've shown this to my students every year. 
[made my mom watch it endless times with me, as well]
We use it during Writing Workshop.
It will faithfully stir up deep conversations and comments.

and without fail every year, I tear up.
5:24 the music... .
as the man pulls the cart out of the dirt and grim.
hauling it out of the depths
feverishly cleaning it off
every last bit of darkness clinging to its handlebars
i can't help but envision Jesus here.
He's all I see

rescuing us from our despair.
from the corners of our dusty lives.
from our pain.

and as the cart rolls away after a loving and gentle pat:
the grafitti behind reads 'Is this Really Life?'

.. . smart work, Jesse.

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  1. That started a tear fest. I was crying because the cart sacrificed himself for the boy and Hannah was crying because she was so sad the boy lost his blankie (which she adores her blankie)But then we told very funny stories about carts in the grocery who sang songs like "Bread, Peanut Butter, Jelly, Milk"

    Thanks for sharing!