Pete Wilson Post.its

my computer screen is covered in tiny "stickies".
Apple can't officially call the tech version 'Post.its', but that's what they are... and they are post.ited 
all over my screen.

i have websites to remember to return to... not yet favorited
to do lists.
phone numbers
blog ideas swirling about.
and most frequently quotes that i've collected. 

this one in particular i have been re.reading.
and re.reading.
and.. .. 
by pastor, author, blogger 
and so it seems, the more I read of him.. .all around fun guy. Pete Wilson.

However, the one answer that does speak into every painful, difficult, relentless situation that we as individuals could ever face is this: 
God will never change. 
This is why our faith must rest on His identity and not necessarily His activity. 

     p. wilson

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