Joe Black, my parents and I

the movie Meet Joe Black has always held a special place in my heart. ..
And it has nothing to do with Brad Pitt. I can take or leave him. 
Honestly, I enjoyed Anthony Hopkins just as much as I did Mr. Pitt in this movie.

I will most likely get mocked for this post by my Sister and brother-in law, 
as I do for admitting my true admiration for the film. 
They doubt my taste in films. I'm OK with that.
When something tugs at my heart strings, I don't deny it. Almost to a fault.
But this_ like almost everything else in my life has taken on a new meaning.

This is the theme song.

The film has always made me think of my dad and i
: just like Billy Joel's Lullaby.
they both reflect something special, i can't even begin to put into words.

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the movie has changed. 
now.. my mom has joined my dad, joe black and I.

yup, i said it. somewhat comical. 
if only, right?
I'm needing to watch it again.

Don't know if my body can handle any more tears.
I'm almost fresh out this week.
and it's only Tuesday.

maybe next week.

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