bling and where babies come from

today was the teacher appreciation luncheon at CAS. all the teachers dressed up as rock stars.

note: heavy on the bling. 

we were given an amazing lunch by the PTO and then sent back to our classrooms with the roses from the lunch tables. Who doesn't love a red rose adorning their work table?

[ take a careful look at the two pair of sunglasses _ my real ones hiding behind the rose _ the PTO 'dress up' ones on my calendar] They went all out to make us feel like *stars today.

The students voted what singers we were most like. Apparently i'm =
Taylor Swift
One of the reasons being: [exactly as it was typed]
"Miss {A}. You are assome. I'm happy your my teacher you rock.  & p.s. have a nice day."

I think my kids were a little pumped up today, from the whole Rock star event. and just in general as it is the near.end of school. I walked halfway in on this conversation, as i picked them up at library today.

... { in a sarcastic tone_ from one boy to another} Well - my mom and dad, they REaLLy love each other, .. . . "

and then he paused... The other boys started laughing and looked at me, "What?!? You asked, where I came from?" he quipped.

"JAck," I said and then turned away QUICKLY .... [I couldn't help but smile BIG, wanting to just grab and noggie him to death.]

tooo much.

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