sunday 100.2

i had soO many moments this past week _ where i thought OHh... this MUST go on the 'Sunday.100' list and then.. . 
[without any nearby paper] 
forgot the loved upon item. 

i'm figuring within the weeks to come, they will appear again in my mind. 
if they don't that says something about how i really felt about them, right? 
here are the next ten. 
again, in no particular order.

89. the story of William and Davy sung by Kate Rusby

88. the eerie feeling of Déjà vu ... yes. . i like it. 

87. the red notification bubble on Facebook. come on _ you know you perk up a little when you see that????!~?

86.  the final scene from Man on Fire. makes me weep.. it speaks of great Sacrifice.

85. night.lights. _classy, country ones. not the cheesy plastic kind. 
I can't stand it when a room is pitch black, i think i'm going blind.  

84.  felicity. [just watching this made my heart flutter_ haven't seen it in years.]

83. horseback riding. i started this childhood activity back up again this past fall. nothing compares to the feeling of being so connected to these beautiful creatures. i would some day love to have a horse of my own  _ click here to read related post from last year: the porch

82. skirts. short skirts. long skirts. in between. 
i have so many i can't even count. don't wear them enough to even warrant owning them all. but i love the freedom of walking out the door in a skirt in the morning. nothing all over your legs. just _ footloose and fancy free

81. birch trees

80. 2 corinthians 4:16-17 by my doorway as i leave _and as i come home.

            'doorframes of your house'


here's to a week of meeting some new loves. 

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  1. Oooh! (that is a squeal) I love your list . . . especially #88 and #82. Deja vu is something that never know if I should like it or not, but I secretly love it! And don't worry about falling off the list making. You got right back on again! Here's to a week of wearing skirts and experiencing LIFE'S LOVE AND LAUGHTER! :)