sunday 100.4

i missed last sunday.
i do believe i blogged ... . but not a 'sunday 100'..
soo o i'm doubling up this sunday.
one in the wee morning.
another later in the day.

69. loved Ben Harper for years. but just uncovered this song yesterday.

even Kina has a version. have hers youTube favorited as well.

68. the first scents of fall. the smell of the the leaves... .  completely sweet as they are being swept and gathered about everyone's lawn.

67. coloring.
nothing like just breaking out a box of Crayolas.
no fancy box of 64 either.. just a plain ole 16 will do.
pure relaxation for my soul
give it a try_ will you?
a sigh will creep out.. you'll catch yourself.

66. Sriracha sauce
it's magic
use it on everything

65. Nathan's corndog nuggets

64. pink. i grew into this one.
i didn't want to like it because it's such a girl thing to do.
but then i realized, when i finally grew into myself at age 30 .. . [sigh]] _
[yes. i think it took THAT long] that i do in fact LOVE it.
in every possible shade.
no wonder as a little girl, i would take off my pink corduroy skirt, only to get cleaned.

63. this scene from StepBrother. pee my.pants.funny.
[watch out for little ears @ 0:43]

62. a good cry.
sometimes it just feels so very good, doesn't it?

61. headbands.
i'm addicted. with flowers, jewels, ruffles, heck even butterflies.
i may need an intervention soon.

60. organic bananas. don't even dare give me a regular one. tastes like poison. read this and then go do a taste test yourself at your local produce section. Organic Consumers Association 

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