your lyrics.

this is what my iPhone looks like at this very second.
this is what it is playing at its loudest volume this very second.

i love Matt Maher.
found him quite a while ago.. on some silly shane and shane video.
you can find him on my blog, if you go searching... .
heard this last night, as i was setting my alarm. his voice, i can recognize in one word through the radio waves.

the lyrics.
didn't search them.. and i'm thinking i am not going to do an official one.

i once heard an artist say that whatever the listener hears is the important message _ those lyrics are the words that touches his or her heart and in many regards, i think that is very true. we all hear different messages, when we listen to the exact same song.
just like when we read a book.
with this song, though, one message rings loud and clear and it couldn't be more true.

... . and Love will hold us together
and make us a shelter to weather the storm
and i'll be my brother's keeper
so the whole world will know that we're not alone.

this is the first day of the rest of your life. 

cause even in the dark, you can still see the light
it's gonna be alright. 

His Love.

found a small wooden heart months back and so much appreciated this quote, i've kept it up all year long. in recent weeks, i've seen it come to life around me.

"May you find strength in the love that surrounds you."
 His love shines through the witnesses of people in our lives that surround us throughout the day.
When I think about my family and friends who have helped me recently, i can say confidently I have seen His love. I have felt His love. and I know it's gonna be alright.

after all, tomorrow_
    is the first day of the rest of my life. 

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  1. Oh goodness . . . you hit it right on the head, dear! LOVE is what keeps us together. Love was the theme we talked about last night with our youth ministry students and the week-long challenge was to see how YOU are loving in YOUR life. This should be easy, right?? Hmm . . . not so much. I feel like I've been surrounded by it, too; passages about love, d365 about LOVE, blogs ABOUT LOVE. Ha ha. But, it was so encouraging to hear that God has worked faithfully in demonstrating His love in your life . . . I will wait, both patiently and impatiently for that same thing. :)